Since 1986 Omaha Custom Manufacturing has produced high-quality custom pieces with the most efficient service. Our 66,000 sq. ft. facility and wide range of equipment allows us to handle projects of any size. We work in tandem with our customers to ensure we’re doing more than just fulfilling an order. Each product is manufactured with precise customization so a project is completed right the first time. Our customers can rest assured they are receiving a product manufactured with the highest precision and overall cost savings.


"The Omaha Custom Manufacturing team has proven to be a trusted partner for my business. Not only are my parts completed on-time, but the quality is second to none."

-Retail Products Company

"Working with Omaha Custom Manufacturing has been incredible. They treat my business as if it were their own and no detail is overlooked."

-Medical Supplies Corporation

"Omaha Custom Manufacturing is upfront and honest. Every step from the quote to the finished product was communicated exceptionally well. The status of my part was never a question."

-Industrial Manufacturer